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Staff Facilities - Christchurch Hospital

This section covers parking and other facilities for staff at Christchurch Hospital.

Staff working at other hospitals will need to contact the rostering person at their hospital for details of mail delivery, locker, and parking arrangements.

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Bicycle Compound

Mail Boxes


Sporting and Recreation


Bicycle Compound

There is a bicycle compound at Christchurch Hospital which you can access using your staff security badge.

Mail Boxes

Mail for registrars at Christchurch Hospital is addressed to their ward. Mail for relievers covering more than one service is delivered to the mailboxes located in the RMO Lounge.

Mail for house officers at Christchurch Hospital is delivered to the mailboxes located in the RMO Lounge.

RMOs at other hospitals should check with the RMO contact person at their hospital.


Lockers are located in Room L12, on the Lower Ground Floor, Parkside East, Christchurch Hospital. A (refundable) deposit of $50 is needed to receive a key.

To organise a locker:

  1. Contact Security (via the operator) to check availability. If there is currently a waiting list, the team will take your details and let you know when a locker becomes available.
  2. Once there's a locker "with your name on it", visit Accounts Receivable to pay the $50 deposit and get your receipt.
  3. Bring the receipt to the Security Office and present it to receive your locker key.

When you no longer need the locker:

  1. Go to the Security Office and hand in your key.
  2. Security will sign a form which you can take to Accounts Receivable to receive your deposit back.

Sporting and Recreation

The Christchurch Squash Club courts are located on the Christchurch Hospital campus.

Contact Charles Hawes at CH Laboratories (80334) for membership information.

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