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Ward Conduct

Ward Rounds

Ward Conduct

Ashburton Hospital

When you begin work in a ward, please introduce yourself to the Clinical Charge Nurse and other ward staff, and become familiar with the physical layout of the ward.

Ward Rounds

If you are on duty during evenings, weekends, and holidays, you must visit all wards allocated to you that day, and see all seriously ill patients, recent operation cases, etc. See Who Works Where.

When you do your ward round, the most senior nurse available, or the nurse responsible for a particular patient, should accompany you if possible. Of course there will be times when no nurse is available for this.

When your Consultant is doing a ward round, you must accompany them, having first made sure that you are familiar with the most recent information on each patient.

Surgical Wards

If you are attached to a surgical ward, visit your ward before operation sessions begin to check for any issues that require immediate attention, and to find out the most recent information on patients going to theatre.

Acute Admissions

You must see all acute admission cases as soon as their admission is reported. If you cannot give immediate attention to an acute admission, or to a patient who is displaying new symptoms, you must arrange for a colleague to see the patient on your behalf.

Make sure you see your arranged admissions as soon as your other duties permit.

Charting Treatment - get it right and get it WRITTEN

When ordering any kind of drug, chart it in writing - even if you are ordering at the direction of a more senior staff member. The Misuse of Drugs Regulations require that requests for all controlled drugs be written and signed for by a registered medical practitioner.

Radiology and Laboratory Requests

When requesting radiology and/or pathology services, be very clear and include sufficient clinical details for the pathologist and radiologist to know what to look for. You must also include the team and SMO in charge.

Requests for Consultation

A senior staff member may direct you to complete a request for consultation. These must also include:

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