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The Pager System

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The Communications Technology Group issues pagers.

The telephone operators will show you how to use your pager when it is issued and you must familiarise yourself with the system.


Pagers are the property of CDHB and need to be treated with care. Report a lost pager to the Resident Doctors Support Team immediately.

In This Section

How the Pager Works

How to Page Someone

Incoming Calls

Operating Instructions for Grey and Red Pagers

How the Pager Works

How to Page Someone

Using any telephone, dial as follows:

Incoming Calls

Routine Calls

Urgent Calls

Note: Do not dial 0 in response to an urgent beep, as your call will be placed in a non-urgent queue.

Operating Instructions for Grey and Red Pagers

To switch the pager On

After the battery has been changed, you'll need to switch the pager on. To do this, press and hold the green Read key for about two seconds.

Screensaver mode

All pagers have a screensaver/power save mode. This is shown as a small circle in the left hand corner of the pager screen. Pressing the green Read key takes you back to the date/time screen.

Reading messages

When you receive a new message, the pager will display it for about 13 seconds. Each message is allocated a slot number (e.g., 01, 02). If the message is too long to fit on the first screen, use the green Read to scroll through to the end of the message.

Reading stored messages from screensaver mode

Press the green Read key twice for your most recent message. Scroll through the message using the Read key. To scroll through your stored messages, use the left and right scroll keys.

Deleting messages stored on pagers

There is no delete function. All pagers hold 60 messages and when that number has been reached the oldest messages will automatically be deleted.

Locking messages that need to be saved

To stop a message from being deleted automatically, you can lock it. With the message on screen:

  1. Press and hold the red Escape key for about 2 seconds.
  2. Select the padlock icon by pressing the green Read key.

Follow the same steps to unlock the message when you no longer need it.

Selecting pager tone options

  1. From the date/time screen, press and hold the red Escape key for about 2 seconds.
  2. Use the green Read key to select the speaker icon. Each pager has Tone, Vibrate, and Tone + Vibrate options.
  3. Select the option you want and confirm by pressing the green Read key.

    Note: If an emergency page is sent to a Red pager set to vibrate mode the emergency tone will override the vibrate and the emergency tone will still sound.

Date and time setting

  1. From the date/time screen, press and hold the red Escape key for about 2 seconds to enter the menu options screen.
  2. Select the icon that looks like a clock by pressing the green Read key once.
  3. Use the left/right scroll keys to change the date/time and confirm the options with the green Read key.
  4. Once the correct date and time is set, press the green Read key.

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