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Arranging Travel for Training

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Your collective agreement covers your entitlement to employment-related expenses, including travel and accommodation to attend training and conferences. Once you know about a course/conference/meeting or exam that you are required to attend:

  1. Complete your leave application, have it signed by your Clinical Director, and return it to the Resident Doctors Support Team.
  2. Discuss your attendance with your supervisor of training.
  3. If they agree that this event is a requirement for you to achieve vocational registration, complete the Direct Payment of Flights and Accommodation form and have the supervisor of training sign it.
  4. If your leave is confirmed, the Resident Doctors Support Team will complete their section of the Direct Payment of Flights and Accommodation form, fax it to the CDHB Travel Coordinator, and email you to confirm that this has occurred.
  5. Contact the CDHB Travel Coordinator (ext. 66964), who will organise your travel.

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Note: The CDHB Travel Coordinator can advise you, but cannot make a booking until the approved form arrives.

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