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Canterbury Medical Library

The Canterbury Medical Library is on the 6th floor of the University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine (UOC) building. To contact Canterbury Medical Library staff, phone 03 364 0500, or email

Library staff can assist in a number of ways - advice, provision of books and journals, interloans and requests, troubleshooting and training.

Using a computer on the CDHB network, staff can link from the library’s website to access to electronic books, journals, and database. CDHB staff have access to a wider range of online resources through the library’s computers which are on the University of Otago network.

Note that off-campus access is not available to CDHB staff.

There are branch libraries at The Princess Margaret Hospital and Hillmorton Hospital. Staff at Burwood Hospital may access library services by contacting Debra Morgan on 337 7899, ext 66698, or email: If Debra is not available please contact the Canterbury Medical Library. Staff at Burwood can also visit the Allan Bean Centre Library.

Opening hours

The Library’s basic hours of opening are Monday to Friday 0830 to 1700. Canterbury Medical Library is also open evening and weekend hours, which vary throughout the year. For full information, see the library website:

To use the Library:

  1. Fill in a library registration form. These are available from the Resident Doctors Support Team or from the Library.
  2. Have the form authorised by the Resident Doctors Support Team.
  3. Hand the form into the Library Service Centre, and a library card will be issued to you.

Security access

If you are likely to want access to the library when it is open at night or on the weekends you will need to apply to have your CDHB ID card enabled for after-hours access to the 6th floor of the University of Otago Christchurch building.

You can apply for after-hours access either when you register, or at a later date, but you will need to be fully-enrolled before this access can be granted. Access is cancelled on termination of your employment with CDHB.

When you leave CDHB

Return all books and journals borrowed from the library before ending your employment with CDHB. It takes considerable time and effort to retrieve books and the library incurs significant financial loss each year from books not being returned.

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